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Windsor Park Neighborhood Association 2022 Board Election

Would you like to serve on the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association Board?

The 2022 Elections are upon us! To be eligible for a position on the WPNA Board you must meet the following criteria:

1. Must be a member of the association

2. Must be a homeowner residing in Windsor Park

3. Must have attended (5) general meetings during the past year, including the October meeting when nominees are accepted

Important election dates:

September 14: Letters of intent need to be submitted to the Board via email at: -or- mailed to: Windsor Park Neighbors, Inc., PO Box 18871 Charlotte NC 28205

Please include: First / last name, phone, email address, position of interest, and number of years lived in Windsor Park.

Mid-September: Nominating committee meets to evaluate credible candidates. Confirmed candidates will be contacted to let them know they have been verified.

October 12 meeting: Confirmed candidates will be announced. Candidates are given the chance to speak / be heard during this meeting.

November 9 meeting: Voting takes place, the 2022 Elected Board members are announced

December 14 meeting: Informal gathering

January 1: The 2022 Elected Board steps in


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