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The Windsor Park Neighborhood Association was formally founded as a way to enhance and improve the quality of life of the residents in the neighborhood, and to foster a spirit of friendliness and cooperation among neighbors. The Windsor Park Board Members and Committee Members volunteer their time and efforts to help, support, and foster a sense of community with the neighbors of Windsor Park.

Interested in becoming a Windsor Park Committee Member? We'd love to have you! Submit your application here and a Windsor Park Neighborhood Association member will be in touch!


Jason, President

Jason and his super-hero sidekick, Saylor Charlotte, currently serve as your President of WPNA. When not fighting crime and answering questions about speed bumps, sidewalks and speeding, you can find them at Letty’s, a favorite east side eatery.

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Rachel, Vice President

Our family originally moved to Windsor Park in 2018 for the location, but now stay in Windsor Park for the amazing neighbors. My background is in Human Resources, with a passion for project management and event planning. You will most often find our family enjoying the amenities at Kilborne Park and Eastway Rec Center. My favorite east-side restaurant is Calle Sol, their mariquitas nachos are incredible. 


Lesha, Treasurer

Hey neighbors, my name is Lesha Dodson. My husband Fred and I have lived in Charlottte for about 26 years and Windsor Park for over 4 years. I love Windsor Park because of the beautiful history and wonderful neighbors. My favorite local restaurant is Lang Van. I am the WPNA Treasurer and agency partner at Star Insurance Group.


Jimmy, Communications


Sharon, Secretary


Marci, Events


Kelly, Stewardship

Hi neighbors, I'm Jimmy. I've lived in Windsor Park since 2009. I love our neighborhood's charm and diversity, and the large community of artists who call WP home. I maintain the mailing list and website for WP. My wife and our toddler (and our pup, Roddy Bottom) love to visit Kilborne and Shamrock park. Our favorite nearby restaurants are Dish, Landmark Diner, Lang Van, Portofino's, Good Wurst, and Curry Gate. 

My name is Sharon and I co-chair the Windsor Park Events Committee with my best friend, Marci! The Windsor Park Events Committee is composed of volunteers who give our time to organize events for our neighbors! I've lived in our neighborhood for 8 years and my favorite local spot is Hattie's Tap and Tavern.

My name is Marci and I co-chair the Events Committee with my bestie Sharon!  I’ve lived in WP since June 2018 with my husband Johnny and our cats Chihuly (pictured here), Veruca, and Pierogi. My fave neighborhood spot is Landmark Diner - they have the best tzatziki!

My name is Kelly and I moved to Windsor Park in April 2021 with my husband and our dog, Honey Bear. I am the chair of the Stewardship Committee and look forward to welcoming new neighbors to WP and supporting our existing community. I love Windsor Park's dog-friendly neighbors and proximity to Steamer's Pub!

WP Map

The neighborhood of Windsor Park is highlighted in Green. The Windsor Park Neighbors Association includes the area as defined by CMPD RA3 map.


Windsor Park Neighborhood is made up of about 2600 homes from the Windsor Park, Darby Acres, Central Park, Robinhood Woods, Markham Village, Windsor Forest, and Nettlewood Acres which includes the area surrounded by Kilbourne Drive (west side), to Eastway Drive (west side), to Shamrock Drive (north side), to North Sharon Amity (east side), to Central Avenue (south side), back to Kilbourne Drive.

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