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The Windsor Park Neighborhood Association was formally founded as a way to enhance and improve the quality of life of the residents in the neighborhood, and to foster a spirit of friendliness and cooperation among neighbors. The Windsor Park Board Members and Committee Members volunteer their time and efforts to help, support, and foster a sense of community with the neighbors of Windsor Park.

Interested in becoming a Windsor Park Committee Member? We'd love to have you! Submit your application here and a Windsor Park Neighborhood Association member will be in touch!


The Board Members of the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association are passionate about their neighborhood and dedicated to their roles. The Board works together to see that each neighbor's voice is heard and reflected in the decisions that impact Windsor Park.

Jason Boone - President

Rachel Guzman - Vice President

Secretary - Mandy Hough

Treasurer - Lesha Dodson

Communications Director - Ginni Lane

The Windsor Park Events Committee is made up of energetic and bright individuals who work to bring neighbors together and foster a sense of community through neighborhood centric events and outreach.

Committee Chairs: Sharon Horinka & Marci Duniec

& Windsor Park volunteers!

Marci Duniec and Sharon Horinka.jpeg

The Windsor Park Stewardship Committee is here to see that all Windsor Park Residents have what they need. These compassionate neighbors work together to develop creative solutions to neighbor's problems.

Committee Chair: Lori

Hope Lifesey

Paris Speight

The Windsor Park Grants Committee is a talented team of wordsmith extraordinaires who submit grant requests for monies that can fund the events, projects, and stewardship initiatives of the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association Committees.

Committee Chair: Louise Bhavnan

Jake Levite

Christy Joanethis


The neighborhood of Windsor Park is highlighted in Green. The Windsor Park Neighbors Association includes the area as defined by CMPD RA3 map.


Windsor Park Neighborhood is made up of about 2600 homes from the Windsor Park, Darby Acres, Central Park, Robinhood Woods, Markham Village, Windsor Forest, and Nettlewood Acres which includes the area surrounded by Kilbourne Drive (west side), to Eastway Drive (west side), to Shamrock Drive (north side), to North Sharon Amity (east side), to Central Avenue (south side), back to Kilbourne Drive.

WP Map

By Laws

Articles of Incorporation

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Committee Guidelines

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