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Windsor Park Neighbors, Inc.
Taking Pride in our Homes and Neighborhood

Windsor Park Neighborhood Christmas Lights Winner, '4239 Winedale Lane, The Haupts'.

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Windsor Park Neighborhood Association

Yard of the Month Program


The purpose of the Yard of the Month Program is to promote goodwill and reward our neighbors "pride of ownership" shown through yard maintenance and landscaping. The program will recognize and support neighbors who demonstrate pride in maintaining and improving their property in a manner that contributes to the overall appearance of the community at large.

General Criteria

Yard of the Month candidates will be judged solely on the total exterior appearance of their property and front yard as viewed from the street. General upkeep of the yard and property is paramount. Emphasis will be given to use of native plants and xeriscaping efforts.

General Judging Factors

Judging factors include the overall appearance, tidiness and neatness of the front of the property as evidenced by pruned, trimmed and shaped foliage. This can be interpreted in tight form or free form shapes achieving a visually appealing facade.

Yard Maintenance

Healthy lawn, neatly mowed

Pruned and trimmed shrubs and trees

Healthy, living plants (native/xeriscaping)

Minimum weeds in flowerbeds

Yard free of debris and clutter

Buildings, fences, porches and patios on the property in good repair

Design and Landscaping

Use of color and texture

Creative, unique curb appeal

Balance appropriate to house and lot size

Overall aesthetic appeal

Pleasing appearance making the property an asset to the community



Yard of the Month will be referred in this document as YOTM.

The program will be managed by a YOTM Committee of volunteers chaired by a Director who will Chair the Committee and oversee the program for one calendar year.

YOTM committee is not responsible for policing Windsor Park residence in reference to city ordinance violations.

All current Windsor Park properties are automatically eligible by default.

Judging months will be beginning April of the calendar year and will include May, June, August, September, and October with the months of January, February, March, November, and December landscape off season. July will be a holiday for the committee members and December will have a special designation for Christmas holiday decorations which will be decided by the committee members and will be posted on the website in January.

Award winners are selected by open vote at prior months meeting by attendees from a selection of participants made by the committee members. Committee members must be active for 6 months to nominate addresses for YOTM. (Original members are grandfathered)

Nominations for YOTM vote are selected based on the judging criteria, factors and guidelines listed on this document.

The upkeep of the yard can reflect the efforts of the residents themselves or that of a professional landscaper or groundskeeper.

The award duration term is approximately a single calendar month and runs until the following month winner has been notified. Durations may vary due to judging schedules and holidays.

The same property cannot receive more than one award in the same rolling twelve-month calendar period.

No more than one YOTM recipient will be selected in a single month.

Winners may be disqualified if their property is in violation of any city regulation.

YOTM sign will be displayed in winner's yard but not required to receive YOTM award certificate. * Release form will be required for sign placement.

YOTM sign must be displayed in accordance with city ordinance and be revoked if not in compliance.

While an individual's home is being recognized as YOTM, they are expect the title.

Winners will be offered opportunity of having their yard photographed and published on website. * Release form will be required.

* Winners will also be offered opportunity to have win and picture on NextDoor website only in Windsor Park area site. Release form will be required


Windsor Park Neighborhood will be divided equal areas that each member will be assigned to for a period three months

At the end of three months each member will move to a area that they have not covered. This is to insure fresh insight.

Each month each member will nominate two addresses in a first choice/second choice format and email them to chairperson for aggregation and return to members.

First choices will be in the initial nomination subject to approval of homeowner participation.

Volunteer members will visit nominees and request participation.

If nominees refuse to participate, second tier nominations will move forward by default.

Visiting volunteer members will request signatures of acceptance of participation in YOTM program.

Nominees may refuse to have sign posting in yard and still be winner of YOTM and receive award certificate.

Nominees may refuse to have picture or address posted on website and receive award certificate.

Nominees must agree to have one picture of house and yard for voting process or be disqualified.

* Nominees may agree to have their winning photo and announcement on Nextdoor website under the Windsor Park Neighborhood only or opt out without disqualification.

Acceptance form will include participation, photo permission, sign permission, opt out on signage, permission to be mentioned on website, opt out on mention on, picture posting on, opt out of picture posting on, notice on Nextdoor Windsor Park neighborhood only or opt out.

Picture of home taken at acceptance of participation in the YOTM program will be deleted immediately after vote taken.


Voting will take place at the beginning of each meeting and will be open to all attending. Pictures will be displayed of nominees with corresponding numbers. Votes will be tabulated during meeting with winner announcement at meeting end.

Certificate of Excellence awarded to winner.

President Windsor Park Neighborhood Association Date

Yard of the Month Chairman Date

Committee member Date

Committee member Date

Committee member Date


*Windsor Park Neighborhood Association represented by the Yard of the Month committee is not responsible for damages incurred in placement of YOTM sign. Residents are encouraged to advise committee members of existing sprinkler systems or other resident concerns prior to sign placement.

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