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S.E.A.L. Report for July 1 - August 1

There were 3 vehicles broken into over the last month, along with 2 catalytic converter thefts.

  • 5300 Cheval Pl

  • 4000 Tamerlane

  • 4300 N. Sharon Amity Rd

  • 3800 Farmview Rd

  • 4000 Tamerlane

In the event you do report suspicious activities it is imperative to be as detailed as possible in providing a description of the individual(s) or vehicle(s), including clothing descriptions, hair styles, any noticeable tattoos, piercings, etc. Remember, if you believe something is not right you need to say something!

Thank you,

Officer R. Rendon

Eastway Division

Response Area 3 Community Coordinator


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