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Important Update

Important update regarding the predator who has been exposing himself to, stalking, and harassing women in our neighborhood:

"Due to a diligent investigation by Det. Parker a perpetrator has been identified in at least 1 of the reported cases at this point. Warrants were obtained by the detective charging him in that case. Due to the quick work by members of your Community Coordinator Unit and Crime Reduction Unit, the suspect was swiftly located and taken into custody this evening [November 17]. I have been advised that Charlotte Mecklenburg Law Enforcement is already aware of the ongoing investigation (as it pertains to Windsor Park Elementary) and we will be notifying them of the recent arrest that was made. There are still other cases being looked at, potentially involving this individual. If he is identified as being involved in those cases, additional charges may be pending." - Lieutenant Gil Narvaez

We want to thank everyone who came forward and made reports. We also want to thank our Eastway Division Community Coordinator, Officer Montero, and Lieutenant Gil Narvaez for their efforts to apprehend this individual.


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