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Windsor Park Neighbors, Inc.
Taking Pride in our Homes and Neighborhood

Windsor Park Neighborhood & East Charlotte News.

Send current Windsor Park/Charlotte East news to webmaster for posting.
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posted 5/9/2017  
Water Leak on the 2500 block of Kilborne Dr. at the entrance to the 'Kilborne In The Woods Condominiums'. How long does it take the Charlotte Water department to fix a leak. This leak has been going on since before the first of 2017. I have turned it in twice but still nothing done. With the beginning of mosquito season this is now a Health hazard with all the standing water.
posted 5/17/2017   Next WPNA meeting will be Tuesday June 6th at Windsor Park Elementary School.
posted 5/10/2017  
Click flier image to view the flyer for a very cool, free event coming up a the Eastland areea. Come talk about your memories of the old mall, have some food, listen to music, and throw out ideas for how the space should be used in the future.

posted 5/1/2017   Windsor Park Neighbors, May "Yard of the Month". The May Yard-of-the-Month has been selected, and the winner is, "3115 Dunaire Dr., The Wingo Residence". Thanks taking Pride in their yard and neighborhood.
posted 4/20/2017  
Windsor Park Elementary School - 2017 READ a Book, GIVE a Book Celebration!
Reading is a life skill and it is unfortunate that during the summer months, many students lose valuable literacy skills when they stop reading during their break from school. Summer reading loss negatively impacts our struggling readers, and ultimately our entire community. Children who do not have access to books or adults who can read to them are especially susceptible to falling behind over the summer. As a result, by the end of fifth grade, these students are approximately 2 1/2 years behind their peers in terms of reading ability... Simplicity, a professional company based in Charlotte is hosting their annual book drive in the month of MAY. We are encouraging the Charlotte community to donate gently used children's books to their READ A BOOK, GIVE A BOOK celebration. This year we will be donating the books to Windsor Park Elementary (3910 Sudbury Road 28205) in hopes that every single student will be able to take home several books to read over the summer! We would love for you to partner with us and help us collect books in the month of May! Books can be dropped off at Windsor Park Elementary School or email Simplicity at ( to find a book drop off location your neighborhood.
posted 2/14/2017   Help support Windsor Park Elementary School with your box tops. Place your box tops in an enevlope with your name and WPNA and bring to Windsor Park Elementary School. Click for more information about Box Tops for Education. Participating Products - Box Tops for Education list can be found .

posted 2/14/2017   Help support Windsor Park Neighbors, Inc. with your aluminum cans.
Drop off your crushed aluminum cans at Ray Montgomery's - 4208 Sudbury Rd. drive way gate or you can bring to a meeting and leave in Ray's truck. Please, take the time to save these aluminum cans, every little bit helps. Thanks!
posted 2/8/2017   Love to read? Windsor Park Elementary is starting an intergenerational Book Club! We received a grant to connect our students with older adults in the community, and we'll be meeting one time a month during the day at Windsor Park in the library to talk about a book and share a nice snack. We will be reading 4th grade level Biographies, which are supplied for you.
"Who is Jeff Kinney?" will be our first selection; he is the author of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, one of the most popular EVER. Our first meeting is set for Monday, February 27 at 9:00 am. We'll do fun "get to know each other" activities, pass out our first book, and share a snack. Then, we'll meet again in late March to discuss that book and start on another! It will be a great way to encourage our 4th graders to read for enjoyment.
Will you join us? We need about 4 more volunteers. I can be reached at if you have any additional questions, or you can express interest to Ray Montgomery or Mr. Fortunato at WP.
You can read about the organization funding our grant at:
Click Image to LINK to Forever Friends website.
posted 1/30/2016  
Click Image to link to CMPD Citizens Guide 2017.
to the CMPD Citizens’ Guide. This is a great resource should you need any non-emergency numbers for any city and county resources. Thanks, and be safe.
Officer Wes Propst #3389 | Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Eastway Division | Response Area 3 Community Coordinator
You might want to print this out and keep it handy.
posted 1/4/2016   CMPD Eastway Division For 2017, our goal is to motivate community activism and involvement. For a successful partnership, it is imperative that you, the community member, are knowledgeable of crime and crime trends. Your awareness of crime will contribute to productive engagement with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. It is our ultimate goal to find solutions for quality of life issues in the community, with your involvement.
Here is a link to the camera system. This site will allow you to monitor crime in your area and also receive alerts for reported illegal activity.
Officer Wes Propst #3389 | Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Eastway Division | Response Area 3 Community Coordinator
posted 12/29/2016   Have you been driving through the neighborhood and notice spray painting on the streets, sidewalks and yards with all camera colors of the rainbow,
National council uniform color code.
or noticed a yard with many small, camera colored flags
National council uniform color code.
throughout it? If you have noticed these things, most likely you are looking at public and private underground utility markings. Public and private utility companies follow a national council uniform camera color code.
National council uniform color code.
So, from California to North Carolina, the colored markings share the same meaning. With Google starting to pull their fiber optics cable in the neighborhood they are going under ground with it so we will be seeing a lot of this in the neighborhood. ATT place most of their fiber optics cable on existing poles and not under ground in the neighborhood.

posted 12/26/2016  
Those pictured are: Trashawn Coleman, Karen and Ott Lemmert, Glenn Wingate, Ray Montgomery, Britney Ritch, Scott Robinson.
Group photo of Windsor Park Neighbors who participated in the CMPD Explorers Christmas project on Thursday Dec 22. We were accompanied by CMPD officers to deliver food and toys to select homes in the Eastway Division.

Britney Ritch and Scott Robinson
Also Gift boxes filled with snacks and treats delivered to CFD stations 15, 42 and CMPD Eastway Division to thank them for their service. These were delivered on December 22 by Britney Ritch and Scott Robinson.
posted 11/11/2016  
Car Break-In Prevention Community Coordinator Wes Propst from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department cmpd
As Thanksgiving is just around the corner so is the Christmas shopping season. Car break-ins are still the driving crime in our area and can mostly be prevented by following these simple tips listed below. And, please call 911 with any suspicious activity. If you see something that doesn't seem right, then call 911. That is what we are here for. Thanks, and stay safe.
In the event that you are a victim of car break-in please call 911 to have an officer come out to complete the report. Also, do not enter your car until the officer has advised that it is ok to do so. Recently, we have had numerous car break-in reports completed online. I understand that this is convenient; however, it significantly reduces our chances of catching the suspect that broke into your vehicle. Please have an officer respond to your location to complete the report in person. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Thanks, and be safe.
posted 3/20/2016   Having a Yard Sale
Here's what the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County says you must have.
  • A license is required inside the City Limits of Charlotte when having a garage sale or attic sale (commonly known as yard sale).
  • The non- refundable tax for this license is five dollars ($5.00) per day. Sales can be no longer than two (2) consecutive days.
  • The license is valid only for the day(s) issued and are not transferable (no rain dates). Only four (4) sales are allowed at any given address during the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).
  • Licenses must be kept on site at the sale locations and available for inspection at all times during these sales.
Full City of Charlotte Yard Sale Information at - - > < - -
posted 3/20/2016   From CMPD Eastway RA3 newsletter
I hope you are all enjoying the warm weather that has finally arrived. I know I am. With warmer weather moving in, we typically see an increase in foot traffic throughout our area; and, unfortunately, we also tend to see an increase in criminal activity. That being said, here are some tips to maintain your level of awareness and hopefully increase your safety as you are out and about this spring.
  • If possible, don’t walk alone.
  • Walk with a purpose.
  • If leaving a store and walking to your car, have your keys in hand for two reasons:
    • You can use them as a weapon if need be.
    • Keeps you from fidgeting around for them while standing at your car, unaware of your surroundings.
  • Keep an eye on your neighborhood.
  • Let your neighbors know when you’ll be out of town.
  • If you see something, say 911!
posted 2/4/2016   Do you get the Charlotte Observer Values in your driveway/yard.
Here is their - - > Opt out form < - - to stop deliver of them. Complete and submit the form and hope it works.
posted 8/30/2015   Where would you leave a stack of $100 bills?

This is a question I ask to help everyone think about where they put their wallets and mobile phones. Your wallet could be worth many thousands of dollars to a thief and today's smart phones cost hundreds of dollars to replace. As you are shopping, ask yourself "Where would I leave a stack of $100 bills?" $100 bill Would you set a stack of hundreds on the counter at a convenience store? Hanging out of your open purse at the grocery store? On the dashboard of your car? This is a simple tip to help you guard your property.
We see many thefts where people left these types of items lying out in the open. It would make your day and ours if your property wasn't stolen. So, remember to ask yourself this simple question as you go about your business. Where would you leave a stack of $100 bills?
Aug 30 in Crime & Safety to 3 neighborhoods in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

posted 6/9/2015   Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program CNIP
The City of Charlotte is investing in Charlotte's neighborhoods through its Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement Program. The Central/Albemarle/Shamrock area. Includes neighborhoods to the east of Uptown, from The Plaza along Eastway Drive, Central Avenue and Albemarle Road. For more information, visit
posted 2/10/2015  
'City of Charlotte Common Nuisance Violations and fines:'

Please Keep Sidewalks Clear Rollout containers The City of Charlotte asks all residents to remember to keep all sidewalks safe and clear of obstructions such as yard waste, garbage and recycling carts, parked vehicles and other items that may impede their use.
  • Rollout Containers $50 FINE Rollout containers must be placed at the curb no earlier than the day before the collection day and must be removed by midnight on the collection day. Rollout containers should not block the sidewalk.
  • $25 FINE Rollout containers may not be stored in front of a home.
  • Yard Waste
Yardwaste $50 FINE Yard waste should be placed at the curb prior to the day preceding collection day and in small, neat piles.
Leaves must be placed in cans or untied bags.
Limbs must be no longer than 5 feet and no larger than 4 inches in diameter.
Tree trunks must be 4 inches in diameter or less. The city will not collect tree stumps.
Read More Violations and Fines
posted 5/23/2013  
Please keep sidewalks safe and clear. While sidewalk obstructions may seem like a minor nuisance, they can pose a major danger for pedestrians, children walking to school, cyclists, runners and the disabled. Call 311 ro report obstructions on our sidewalks. This includes cars parking on the sidewalk also.
For more information visit the website.
posted 5/4/2013   Potter Road in East Charlotte
Some well-known intersections in the city hide the remnants of a now forgotten, but once major highway through the Carolinas. It was known as Potter Road and its name referred to the one-time pottery industry in western Lincoln County. Today, after neighbors pushed the city to save a piece of the old road's route, an obscure patch of trees at Central Avenue and Kilborne Road is all that’s left to tell the story. [Read More]

WPNA Meetings:
WP Neighborhood Entry Sign Second Tuesday each Month
Location: Windsor Park Elementary School
Time: 6:30 - 7:30 PM
Next Meeting:
Tuesday, June 6th, 2017.

Change in meeting date due to school activities.
Windsor Park Yard-of-the Month:
YOTM picture will be here. The purpose of the Yard of the Month Program is to promote goodwill and reward our neighbors "pride of ownership" shown through yard maintenance and landscaping. The program will recognize and support neighbors who demonstrate pride in maintaining and improving their property in a manner that contributes to the overall appearance of the community at large.
For the General Criteria, Guidelines and Judging, Read
- - > Here < - -
(pdf file).
YOTM Committee
Windsor Park Small Library:
Windsor Park has a Free Little Library. It is located at 2038 Birchcrest Drive and looks like a giant birdhouse. Please feel free to give or take a book and spread the word!
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About Windsor Park Neighbors

We were formally organized in 1999.  We have now grown to over 300 households, all working for the betterment of our community.

Membership is free. However, costs are associated with the general operation of an association, and all contributions are welcomed. There is strength in numbers, and sometimes bigger is better. Don't delay. If you haven't joined the Association, CLICK HERE to complete the online form.

WPNA Mission: To make Windsor Park the greatest neighborhood in Charlotte by working with all residents to protect and enhance the beauty, culture, and friendliness of our neighborhood.

Our Demographics:

Windsor Park Neighbors, Inc. is made up of about 2600 homes from the Windsor Park, Darby Acres, Central Park, Robinhood Woods, Markham Village, Windsor Forest, and Nettlewood Acres which includes the area surrounded by Kilbourne Drive (west side), to Eastway Drive (west side), to Shamrock Drive (north side), to North Sharon Amity (east side), to Central Avenue (south side), back to Kilbourne Drive.

1774 Hezekiah Alexander Homesite Our Neighborhood is build on the old Hezekiah Alexander farm. The old Home site can be visited at 3500 Shamrock Drive. It is the oldest home in Mecklenburg County.

Windsor Park Neighbors, Inc.
P.O. Box 18871
Charlotte, NC 28218-0871
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